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While the insurance industry is always changing,  we wanted to remain your constant resource so that you can have the health insurance and life insurance that work for you and your specific needs.  We help set business owners up with strong benefits packages and also help with individual plans.  We make sure to look at the big picture and use a multi-disciplinary approach to address all of your needs. 


One-on-One consultation

Have a need?  We have a resource.  Our goal is to educate on all of your options so you can decide what kind of protection you want and need for you and your family.  We believe not everyone fits in a box and everyone has different need.  No one wants to pay for things they don't need.  We also believe that you shouldn't have to worry financially about something you are dealing with physically or emotionally. 


Why do I need a consultant?

You have enough on your plate than to worry about all the intricacies of's literally a full-time job!  So let it be ours!  We are here to help! There are so many scams taking advantage of the confusion around healthcare and it's wrong and needs to be stopped.  We make sure you can make an informed decision so that when something happens and you need your protection, you can know what you can count on.  Our goal is to have no surprises. 


Cortney Sandridge, President


Cortney has spent over 10 years developing strategies and collecting tools to help thousands of people get the best coverage for the most affordable price.  She is passionate about teaching her three children to make responsible decisions and become financially independent.  She brings energy and sincerity into all of her relationships, both personal and professional.  It's important to her to be as open as possible to her clients so that they know how much she cares about them and their future. 


Genell Holloway, Vice President


Genell has had many life experiences that have taught her the value of putting protection in place now to help when you need it later.  She has served others in many different capacities.  Her time as a Pre-Need Funeral Consultant made the tragedy of death too real, especially when unexpected.  Serving as a foster mom over the years helped her see the value in teaching children how to be more financially responsible.  Her passion is to help others leave a legacy for future generations.


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